Grip Strengthener 44

This Hand Exerciser is the Best Hand Strengthener to Increase Finger Wrist Forearm & Hand Strength. With an Adjustable Resistance Range from 11 – 44 LB.  It’s Ideal for Musicians Sports Enthusiasts & Hand Therapy.

  • hand exerciserErgonomic Design that Fits Small through Large Hands. Ideal for Seniors, Women, Men, Teens & Kids.
  • Easily Adjustable Resistance Range from 11-44 LB Make This Grip Strengthener is Popular for those with Trigger Finger, Arthritis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow & those who require Wrist, Hand & Finger Rehabilitation.
  • Popular Choice among Athletes & Sports Enthusiasts to Develop Strength & Improve Performance in activities such as Golf, Tennis, Martial Arts, Rock Climbing, Shooting, Baseball, Crossfit training etc.
  • Perfect for Musicians who Play Guitar, Piano, Drums & Violin to Develop Hand & Finger Strength, Speed, Flexibility and Coordination.
  • With Comfortable Foam Handles and Quality Workmanship that is Designed to Last

Product Description

A Grip Strengthener That Creates Results

Red Fox Sports Advanced Hand Exerciser Is Ideal For:

  • Seniors who want to improve their hand and finger strength
  • Musicians who want to improve their hand and finger speed, strength and endurance in order to play more efficiently
  • Those who need to build strength and endurance in the hand, forearm and fingers as part of rehab or in order prevent muscle imbalance
  • Sports enthusiasts who want to improve their performance by developing hand, forearm and finger strength, speed and coordination

Features and Benefits:

  • easily adjustable resistance range from 11-44 lbs
  • scale setting that accurately determines resistance level
  • ergonomic handles that fit small through large hands
  • compact design that fits easily in your pocket, hand bag or gym bag
  • built with the same design and quality as our popular 22-88 LB grip strengthener